LEDsGO® is a young, dynamic company created in response to the growing demand for efficient, energy-saving lighting solutions. The company designs, develops and manufactures high-quality LED lighting. In order to guarantee this standard of quality, LEDsGO® maintains its own certified testing laboratory where the performance of its products can be accurately tested and simulated, under a range of operational conditions. Regular checks are also carried out during the production process, and all final products are tested before packaging. The result is LED lighting that is economical, effective and sustainable. Our know-how and experience also enable us to develop and manufacture customised solutions for our customers. Moreover, we manage the entire production process ourselves, which allows us to quickly and flexibly respond to our customers’ needs without compromising quality. It is our mission to apply our insight, experience and creativity to manufacturing high-quality, sustainable LED lighting based on the latest technologies.


Control your light fixture the wireless way.

Either by using smartphones or tablets or by any push button you would like to use.

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