Our Connected Light is an advanced lighting control solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is a state-of-the-art wireless technology and the only

low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets. and even smart watches, making it the only mainstream and future proof low power radio

technology in the world. All our products are ment to be used on a Casambi network. As a partner of the Casambi company we can assure that all the products

work seamlessly togheter. The system is designed for the consumer and for the professional market. There is a component and a solution for every light fixture.

How it works, You are about to find out…

Different tasks require different lighting whether you are working in an office or spending time in your home.

Instead of having “accidental lighting”, control your lighting to fit a purpose. Connected Light is practical in daily

use, easy to install and you can share your network with your family or with your colleagues. You can change your

ambiance according to your mood by dimming, changing the colour of the light or adjust the colour temperature

according to your daylight conditions. We help you to make lighting an experience.



The connected wireless network


The solution is based on a network structure. The units (which are installed next to or integrated into
luminaires, drivers or switches) are paired to networks. 127 units can be paired to one network. The amount
of network per Casambi solution does not have to be considered. All units are wireless connected with
eachother. So there is no need for any extra wiring from the switches to the lamp fixture. The
dotted line in the picture below show the wireless connections between the lamp fixutures and the smart
devices / switches.





Not only ON/OFF…


The connected lighting can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, smart watches,
push buttons, switches or Casambi’s wireless switch called Xpress. Smart control can
even be achieved from old wall switches. With Casambi you can:
• Turn on and off your luminaires
• Dim the lighting
• Group luminaires and turn on, off and dim the group as one
• Configure, save and recall scenes
• Configure, save and recall animations
•Fade time adjustments for scenes and animations
• Use the Timer to turn on and off scenes or animations based on time and date
• Adjust colours
• Adjust colour temperatures
• Use motion sensors
• Bluetooth signal strength for geo locationing
• Take pictures from your spaces or upload your lighting layout drawings and add lighting control directly to your picture
• Take sunrise and sunset into account while defining timers
• Get status information from the system
• Update the firmware over-the-air
• System functionality updates over-the-air
• Commissioning support within the app

What hardware do I need

The choice depends on the type of lamp and on the type of driver that is installed into the luminair. Click on the type to see the according hardware.


Choose by dimming technology





DALI broadcast 1ch

DALI 2ch

DALI 3ch

DALI 4ch

DALI tunable white



Trailing Edge Technologie

Trailing Edge


1ch power pwm

4ch power pwm

Choose by luminar type

Monochrome ledstrip

Tunable white ledstrip

RGB ledstrip

Retrofit mains dimmable

RGBW ledstrip


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