0-10V Dimming interface with 5A relais

This powerfull casambi ready 0-10V dimming interface is capable of controlling multiple light fixtures at the same time. Depending on the type of driver a quantity of drivers can be connected in parallel on the 0-10V dimming bus.

The 0-10V bus is capable of sinking and sourcing towards the used driver. Sinking can be done up to 20mA and souring untill 40mA. With sourcing drivers our module powers the 0-10V bus and with sinking types the driver gives the power to the 0-10V bus. Please check the drivers datasheet to determinate the type and to calculate how many drivers you can control on the same 0-10V bus.

Inside this module there is also a relay that can handle 5A on a voltage of 240Vac. This means that there is no power left at the luminars driver when not in use. This relay can also be used as a on/off module on the casambi without using the 0-10V dimming bus.


Product codes

 Art. number  Software version
 164 19 24 09 81 Bluetooth control unit with internal relay 5A / 240V / 0-10V




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