Control unit for 0/1-10V or dali -CBU-ASD

CBU-ASD is a wireless contorl unit for LED drivers with 0-10V, 1-10V or DALI dimming interface. The control output can be configured either as analogue 0-10V (and 1-10V) or as a digital standalone DALI control interface

Art. 164 19 24 09 70
Description Control unit for 0/1-10V or dali -CBU-ASD
Input 220-240VAC (50Hz 0,6A)
Max. output 0-10V: 0-10VDC     /     Dali: 9-12VDC
Bluetooth range indoor 30 meter
Radio frequency 2,4 – 2,480 MHz
Max. output power radio +4dBm
Dimensions 56,5 x 35,8 x 22,3 mm
Weight 48 gr
IP class IP20

Product codes

 Art. number  Description
 164 19 24 09 70 Control unit for 0/1-10V or Dali -CBU-ASD


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