‘Configuration out of date’ pops up, what does this mean?


When using a Casambi netwrok you may see a “Configuration out of date” notification.

This notification will be displayed if the network configuration on the modile device you are using is different from the configuration actually stored
in the Casambi devices.

  • If you make network changes using one mobile device and then swap to using another device that you have previously used to configure the network
  • If multiple network administrators/managers are trying to make changes to the network program simultaneously
  • If you have a shared network but a poor internet connection from you mobile device when making network changes
  • If “push notifications” are disabled on your mobile device (An example of this is if person A makes a change to a network program but person B doesn’t
    receive the change because their phone doesn’t allow push notifications).
  • Trying to make changes to the network will then generate another pop up message.

    To refresh the network configuration from the Casambi cloud server, push “Yes” (ensure you have a good internet connection). The configuration of your local
    mobile device will then be refreshed to match the configuration stored in the Casambi cloud server.

    If this fails to update correctly, or you selected “No”, then you will see a pop up message providing the option to update the network configuration to be the
    same as the configuration currently stored on your mobile device.

    Push “Yes” to update the network to the local configuration (ensure you have Bluetooth connection to the network). The network devices will then be refreshed to
    have the same configuration as your mobile device.