How to continue automations?


If you have manually controlled a luminaire, either via the Casambi app or via a Casambi enabled switch, and you wish the luminaries(s) to return to being
controlled by network automation (i.e. Timers or Sensors), you have to “Resume automation” for the luminaire(s). Resuming automation is how to “remove
manual control” from a luminaire(s).

Note: In order to “Resume automation”, the “Control hierarchy” needs to be enabled in ‘Control options’.

If there are no underlying Sensor or Timer commands affecting the luminaire(s) after resuming automation, then the luminaire(s) will fade off.

There’s a few ways to “Resume automation”:

1. Tap the “(a)” icon in the bottom left corner of the ‘Luminaires’ tab.

2. Assign a “Resume automation” command to a wall switch (via the Smart switching option) or to a Casambi enabled switch (button 4 shown in the screenshot below).
You can resume automation for all luminaires in the network, or just a group of luminaires.

3. If the “Manual control behaviour” has been set to anything other than ‘Don’t timeout’, wait for the “Manual control timeout” time (which can either be set in the
“Control options”, or individually for each luminaire) to expire.

Manual control behaviour and times for a network (in ‘Control options’):

Manual control behaviour and time for an individual luminaire (edit the luminaire in the ‘Luminaires’ tab):