Luminaires not responding while I am within range?

  • With casambi each module has its own memory, this has the advantage that you don’t need a gateway, phone or hub to tell a module what to do. Each module can communicate with each other because they know exactly what to do with the information received. These modules that are connected to each other are called the Casambi mesh system.

    Now when you connect your phone to this mesh system, your phone connects to a module that is within range. If you adjust something with your phone via the app, your phone will send a signal to the module it is connected to. That module in turn sends a signal to the correct module, or if this is not available, the info is forwarded to another module, this continues until the correct module has received the info. The problem is here. Now if your phone wants to send information to a module that doesn’t belong to the mesh, your mobile phone won’t be able to send it. So you may be next to a module you want to send to, but as long as your phone is connected to another module, it won’t switch to the nearest module.

  • Solution:
    Use a reapeater that makes a connection between the Casambi mesh and the module that you can’t control.

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