Dali DT8 controller with OLED screen -all-in-one

This controller is every installer’s best friend! The DT8 dali controller has a built in Dali master, so all can be programmed on the device itself. It is TW, RGB, RGBW and RGBTW compatible. The OLED screen display makes it easy to program.

The DALI DT8 controller is compatible with a lot of different output frequencies!

Art. 164 19 25 00 00
Description Dali DT8 controller with OLED screen -all-in-one
Power 12 – 36 VDC
Output current 4 x 5A
Output power 4 x (60 – 180)W
Dali consumption 2 mA
Dimming input Dali DT8
Diming range 0% – 100%
Dimensions 170 x 53,4 x 28 mm
IP class IP20

Product codes

 Art. number  Description
 164 19 25 00 00  Dali DT8 controller


This device can be controlled by:

  • DALI DT8


This device can control one of the folowing items:

  • 4 x monochrome Ledflex
  • 1 x tunable white
  • 1 x RGB Ledflex
  • 1 x RGBW Ledflex


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