4ch push button interface – battery powered

This interface is designed to connect any ‘normal open’ push button to a casambi network. Powered by a battery the interface doesn’t need more cabling then the wires between the interface and the push buttons. 1 to 4 push buttons can be used and they can be configured in the app to control a lamp, a group of lamps, a scene/animation or just control all lamps in one press. The box is small enough to fit any wall box and the wires are a size that will fit any screw terminal. The interface is compatible with all products that are compatible with the casambi bluetooth network. Each time a button is pressed the module will be activated for a few seconds and then goes automatically in a standby mode. This in order to preserve the battery capacity. Battery status can be checked in the app on the ‘switches’ screen. To ensure a long battery life this interface will not be active in the bluetooth mesh the whole time.

Art. 164 19 24 10 45
Description Bluetooth 4CH push button interface
Battery type VR2450 – 3V
Max current 0.2mA
Operating frequencies 2,4…2,483 Ghz
Rf output power +4dBm
Ambient Temp ta -20…+45°C
Storage Temp -20…+75°C
Max. relative humidity 0..80%, non condensing
Wire type 22AWG
Dimensions 38 x 38 x 15 mm
Weight 0.05Kg
IP class IP20
spare battery art. 199 26 01 12 23

Product codes

Description Art. number
4ch push button interface 164 19 24 10 45
spare battery art. 199 26 01 12 23




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