Power pwm dimmer 2ch

This casambi ready led controller/dimmer is designed to be used with monochroom types and tunabkle white types of LED ex. The voltage that is connected at the input will be found at the output so be sure that the used power supply and led type are rated on the same voltage. You can change the module from the monochrome to the tunable white mode in the app. The method to do this is descibed in this document.

The module also has a push button connection. This can be used to control the connect led lights. Short press will restult in ON or OFF and a long press will dim the light untill you release the button. The push button can also be con gured to control a scene or another casambi module in the same network



Product codes

 Art. number  Software version
 164 19 24 26 59  2ch power pwm dimmer



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